Saturday, February 18, 2012

Plants and Birds...

Wembly and Gobo love to get into trouble!  They like to chew anything made of wood, and they like to chew my plants.  I've placed all of my poisonous ones in my spare room so there isn't a chance of them hurting themselves.

Since they love chewing up my Spider plants, but I don't want them to be destroyed, I've grown some plants from Gobo's fresh seed.  I've done this in the past because the birds love chewing on them, but I've been rather lazy about it lately.  My spider plants have been suffering because of that.

So I planted 2 small pots with the seeds and let them grow.  I was going to let them grow more until I felt that they were big enough for the birds to destroy.  But the birds had other ideas today.  The plants are on my dining table, near where the birds like to hang out.  They spotted the plants today and immediately started chewing on them.  This made for an excellent photo op!  They both love having their photos taken as they love the attention.

I guess I will have to plant more seeds.

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