Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking chances

Time to change the rear tire
I'm taking chances with the weather. It's been spring like today.  I took Big Red (aka Pura Vida) off of her stand, and replaced the training tire with my good touring tire.

All set to go!

Then off I rode!  I is so nice outside.  I had to adjust my seat a bit which was a pain, but soon enough I was on my way.

The bike stand sits in a corner now, hardly have been used this past Winter. I need a new kickstand for Big Red though.  I will get one when she gets work done on her.  I also want to get a Clickstand for her to use during touring.  I will have to get the measurements of the bike and order it.

She needs a kickstand!

I missed riding her even though I did ride her a few times on the stand inside.  But I feel that she missed being outside.  She's happy now!  Why does it seem like forever since I have last rode her?  Why have I missed her when she's been next to me in the living room for the short Winter that we've been having?

I may even ride her to work tomorrow.  Better not be snow in the forecast.

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