Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring-like Weather continues....

Roads have been bare for 2 weeks
*I just took the photo while on the sidewalk. I've been riding the roads as there is lots of room for me and the vehicles and the roads are in good condition.

The awesome Spring-like conditions have continued.  It has been mild and we've seen no snow for weeks. I think that we are in a dry spell. I've been riding every day!  Here's hoping that we'll have an awesome dry hot Summer.  Mother Nature can still surprise us, but I don't think that we'll get a big dump like we did last February.

I took Baxter out for a ride yesterday to pick up food, and today I just went for a ride on him.  Some roads are wet and some side-streets still have snow on them, but it was good riding! He got a little dirty, but not too bad.  I have the itch to ride. Pretty soon, I should be taking Big Red (aka Pura Vida) out of his trainer, and riding him outside.  I am thinking of getting work done on him in March to beat the Spring rush.  I dream one day of getting a Surly, but I know that he can handle the job again this year.

I've been spending some of my time reading other people's journals about their bike journeys at  That's making me want to ride, but also I think that I have Spring Fever, which is normal for this time of the year.

Speaking of biking, the other day I got an EXCELLENT price for a one-way plane ticket from San Francisco to where I live.  You couldn't drive home for as cheap!  I am so lucky with these things it seems.  Though when I'm planning to travel in the future, I do tend to look at airline sites often. I will still have to pay to bring bike home, but Westjet doesn't charge an insane price to do that.

I'm so glad that I have someone to ride with as I don't have to worry about that at all, and if I get another rider to join me, that's a bonus!

Tomorrow, I have to lead a snowshoe trip to Livingston Springs. I'm thinking that there will be another good turnout.  We may have not received new snow for weeks, but I think that the conditions will be ok.

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