Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revisiting Livingston Springs

Tim gets support while feeling the temperature of the water
This past Sunday, I led a snowshoe trip to Livingston Springs, which is located in the Crooked River Provincial Park.

We had a big group of seventeen again. I am constantly amazed at the turnout. I am not sure if it is because of the mild Winter that we've been having or because I'm keeping the Rambler's website updated regularly with trip reports and lots of photos.  Still, it's good to see so many interested people joining in.

Despite not having any fresh snow for weeks, it was good snowshoeing.  I didn't have to break a trail, there was a well worn snowshoe path available to use.
At the 4 way junction we spent 10 minutes trying to decide which direction to take.  It turns out that left was the right way.  Or was it right?  Nope, the left.  Eventually going left we bumped into the Livingston Springs Sign.
Nowell trying to decide which direction to go

Left it is!

We spotted this sign down the way.

Lunch Break.
You can read the trip report that I made up and more photos that I and Nowell took, but visiting the Rambler's Website.  This upcoming weekend, I will be leading a snowshoe trip to the Piderny Trails, which is a local bike trail system.  I am not sure about finding my way around, but Nowell has flagged a route for me and it's also on his GPS for me to use.

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