Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Adventures

What have I planned for next adventure you may ask?  Well, even though I have just renewed my passport, I'll be staying in country this time.

First, in the middle of July I'm biking for 4 days on Tour De Jasper.

Then after a day of rest, I'm flying out to Sister in Regina.  It may not be as exciting as New York City was, but still, there's the Cirque Du Soleil, Imax, and camping.  Can't forget the RCMP training quarters there also.  Wish there was a place to rent bikes.  But my sister said I can borrow hers, heard that there's lots of bike paths around the city to explore.

Then off  to Vancouver to visit family and to see some awesome Fireworks  and rent a bike from Spokes.  I've got Lifetime HI hostel membership this year, so I'll make sure I get some use out of it this year.

I will try my best to make the travelling posts entertaining...:)  I just need to catch the spark that comes with travelling, it was a rather unmotivating winter for me.   Have any of you been to Regina before?  What do you recommend doing?

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