Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biking Safety

I had a close call today on my bike.  Someone decided that they weren't going to be waiting at a red light and so gunned on the gas and took off.  I was halfway across intersection going at a slow speed, so I was able to stop immediately.  Despite this situation, I still love biking!  You just got to watch the traffic carefully to try to avoid being hit.

Let's Go Ride a Bike blog has an excellent article on Bicycle safety, go check it out at Let's Go Ride a Bike- Getting Serious About Bicycling Safety

I have almost have 2500 kms on my bike now, so I think I've done almost 500 kms since January, which is pretty good since that's Winter here and we usually get lots of snow.  Not this year.


  1. YIKES! To the motorist: Share the road, cager!

  2. I have an AirZound bike air horn on my bike, you can buy them online from MEC. It is louder than a car horn, so it gets attention if needed. I also just purchased an electric bike horn (even louder than the AirZound!) so I'm trying that out for a while now since it doesn't need to be pumped up with air to work. I use it very sparingly, only in cases where someone might not be seeing me.



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