Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greenway hike

What an awesome day for a hike!  Shorts weather, first time this season.  Despite it not being posted in local paper, 31 people showed up for the hike.  I think that me updating the site regularly is a good thing as that's how some found out about the hike.

We parked cars at both ends of hike, so there was a bit of car shuffling going on.

We then met at UNBC parking lot to start the hike.  It was pretty easy going all the way.  About 9 or so km in we stopped for lunch break.  It was warm enough to actually enjoy sitting outside in the sun, comfortably.  Very nice for so early in the year, it is usually much colder and more snow on ground.  There was hardly any on ground today.

Even though I hike lots in Summer, because I don't snowshoe or ski in Winter, the hike today, which was 18 kms, made me all stiff and sore.  The left leg more so, perhaps because of the way I walk or due to the fact I sprained the knee a few years ago while skiing.  So that last km seemed to go on forever!  I could take a hot bath, or take some ibuprofen..but I am drinking a little rum to mellow out.  It's funny, we didn't go up, but I had a hearty appetite and stiffness.  :) I guess 18 kms is a fair distance to walk.

At the end, we had a transportation problem, only 2 cars left (some left before) that could carry all but one person!  So all of us except for the lonely one drove to UNBC, and then one vehicle drove back to Otway to pick the person up. I felt kind of sorry leaving him there, but there were other hikers, bikers there. 

Thumbs up to a great day.

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