Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creative packing

This weeked I again tested my limits on my Basil Panniers.

I did some shopping at Walmart first and had bought some picture frames.  I made sure that they would fit in the bags ok.  I also had some supplies there.  I then biked down to another grocery store and after asking a person who was holding a raffle outside..to watch my frames, I loaded up on groceries.

I thought I had just bought enough, but I had to be VERY creative about putting the items in the panniers.  It just BARELY fit!  This is one of those times a bike trailer looks tempting.  I am not sure of the weight, but again, I felt like I was testing the bicycles limits.  Poor Pura Vida, she puts up with a alot of abuse.

Not to worry, I cleaned the chain tonight, and will give her some more lube.  Hope it makes up for the abuse.  :)  No, I love my bike, wouldn't dare abuse it, I just get full use of her!

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