Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Symphony

I was lucky to receive a free ticket to tonight's Symphony. It's theme tonight, An Evening with Joe Trio.  Quoted from PGSO's website, "From Papa Haydn to Uncle Shostakovich, new works by contemporary composers, and their own arrangements of popular, jazz and rock tunes, Joe Trio will leave you with a new appreciation for classical music."

And I most likely will be going there by bicycle.  I am a bit nervous about locking it up there, but I will maybe bring my second lock and lock it up twice, for less worries.  I don't dress over the top, but will go in nice slacks/top, so should be ok to bike over.  Oh I wish I was as daring as the girl who has biked to Opera in Edmonton all dressed up!  :)

Image: Daniel St.Pierre /

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