Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Think Spring has arrived

There has been sun out for the last week, which has been nice.  But, it has been deceiving, there was an ice-cold wind to go along with it.  But not anymore.  Not sure what the high will be today, but tommorrow, it's an amazing 18C (64f)  Hopefully I will not need to use my wool mitts while biking now.  Of course, with me going up into the mountains, I may still need them for that as it can get cold up there, even in Summer.

One of the trees by work has leaves coming out, which seems 4 weeks earlier then last year.

Biking has become comfortable again, no need for lots of layers.  One of these weekends, I'll sacrifice a hiking day and go for a ride out of town.  I need to get the stiffness out of me before doing the bike tour this summer and a few good long rides will make it easier for me on the bike tour.  I was just waiting until it got warm enough to do that.  It's almost 3 months till the trip, and counting!

Here's to Spring and all it's glory.  (My favourite time of year)

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