Friday, April 30, 2010

Critical Mass- Prince George

Good turnout for the event, 26.  Not big, but not bad for a first time in Prince George.  Well, for a long time, they did apparently used to have them before, but I didn't know that until after the fact.

There was some nice bikes including a chic cyclist!  Yeh!  It's about time... :)  She said she found it at a garage sale in pretty good shape.

Even some children towed along, which was great!  They really enjoyed the ride.

Now it was time to start the ride..leaving the Civic Centre/Library area, which was a nice bike friendly place to meet.  And oh look, someone brought some flowers along!  :)

We even tried out the local skateboarding ramp.

I can't wait till the next ride, the last Friday of May.  Come and join us, and have some awesome fun!

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