Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bike to Work 2010

In just over a month, Bike to Work Week returns to Prince George.  This will be the second year for it, and if last year was any indication, there will be a good turnout for it.  They will have booths setup around town for registered bike riders to stop and refresh themselves.

Bike to Work week happens all over North America, and it's exciting to see it come here.  You create teams from work and register online.  There is a BBQ at the end which is a good way to meet fellow bike commuters. I'm hoping also to volunteer a bit there manning the booths..

If you like biking, try biking to work for a week.  Freshen up that air, get some exercise, and most importantly, have some fun!

On a related bicycle note, I saw a Croozer Cargo Bike trailer in person today. It's much bigger then I expected!  I was all over it!  I need to get one one day, but not now, I spent way too much already getting tent, plane tickets, etc..... 

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