Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day everyday

Happy Earth Day all!

Hope you do your part today by walking, biking, or taking local transit.  Also, only turn on lights in the room you are currently using and if you haven't already, switch to cfl lightbulbs.

There are many reasons why I bike to work, but being good to the environment is a good one.  I've road over 2500 kms on my bike and didn't use one drop of gasoline.  Just a bit of lube to keep the chain going.  I also know that's not enough.  I should be recycling more then I currently do.  That includes using disposable stuff like coffee cups from coffee shops.  I really should be using my own.  And I fly at least once a year, but with distances to so far, and having no car, it's the most reasonable way of getting around.  Really, the Greyhound bus would be better, but who has 2-6 days to travel on a bus?  We need high-speed train service!  :)  Hoping my bike use balances out the once a year plane trip.

I realize too, I don't use the dryer, but that's because of the crazy cost of using one in an apartment.  So, I hang dry ALL my stuff.

Anyways...think this is a good day, but I think that everyone should think of every day as Earth day, not just this one day.

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