Thursday, April 15, 2010

This weekend's Hike: Greenway Trail

Well, hiking season is fast approaching.  I belong to our local hiking club (am on the Executive) and we have our first scheduled hiking of the season this Sunday, April 18th.

We will be hiking 18 kms along the Greenway, starting from UNBC (second green line on right,  above the one that also goes right on the bottom) and ending up on Otway Road (up top).  We'll have to park cars on both ends of the trail.  There are many little trails by Otway Road, so hopefully, we won't get lost!  We will bringing a few maps along to make sure we don't!

It's an easy hike through the forests, as there is no big mountains to climb.  There is too much snow up top to even attempt a mountain without snowshoes.

I'm looking forward to spending a day outside as I'm tired of having cabin fever.  I find that in the Winter I was unmotivated, but now that Spring is here, I have more motivation.  It should be a good Sunday!

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