Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Halloween Critical Mass

I see a magical Unicorn!
10 people showed up for the last Critical Mass for the Season. As it's much colder outside, I didn't expect the amount of people that we had last month.  Four of the group wore halloween costumes.  My favourites were the Unicorn (which looked like a smart thing to wear on such a cold night) and the Zombie in the Yellow Dress.   I think that the Unicorn got us a lot of honks and support.

This was Baxter's first Critical Mass

The sun was setting as we started our ride around town.  I stayed in the back to sweep as I had bright tail lights so people could see us and also to bring attention to our ride.
I like the light on the cutbanks in the background
We biked for about 45 mins before we separated and went on our ways.  I will have another chance to bike around in my Zombie outfit on Saturday for a Halloween party.  There was one guy in the group that will be biking a fair distance all Winter, and I'm going to see if I can 'interview' him to see what it's like biking for a distance in a Northern City.  This is his first Winter doing that.  It makes my ride seem a piece of cake!

On a side note, I officially name my Beater Bike --drum rolls please-- Baxter.  Nicole, from Tour De Jasper, suggested that name and I think that it suits my Norco well. I also liked the other names- Sven is good, but don't think it fits my bike.  Will keep it in mind for a future bike.  And Blue Peter the Blue Beater is hilarious.  Blue Peter is a British show.

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