Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September 2011 PG Critical Mass

I finally made it another Critical Mass in Prince George.  I've missed riding it since Spring as I've been busy and was away a lot.  Although I missed the one in August simply by not thinking about it until it was too late

Over 40 people showed up

After attending small riders of only 8 people, I was very surprised to see a good turnout this time around.  There must have been at least 40 people!   Apparently advertising on Facebook seems to work.  Although it's easy to remember the date and time of Critical Mass.  Also, I wonder if the new bike club at the University has something to do with the increased turnout?  I just hope that we can keep this up!  With the amount of cyclists in Prince George increasing every year, I think that there is a good chance that it will.

At one point before we rode off, the Mayor even visited for a short bit.  He's an avid bicyclist.  It would have been neat for him to have joined us, but he was busy doing something at the Civic Centre.  He probably saw us parked outside and was curious.  I think that it was good publicity for us riders to show him that it's important to make the roads safer for us.
Mayor chats with bicyclists

The theme for this month's rides was lights.  Jillian, one of the organizers, had a bunch of glowsticks and lights that we could use.  They came in handy as the sun was beginning to set.  I wrapped the glow stick through the spokes and got the funky spokes lights effect that people pay good money for.  For the end of October one, the lights may work better as it will be darker much sooner.  I'm going to have to get some glowsticks before then.

Cool retro bike

Cool Coffee holder

We rode for about an hour.  At one point, we turned down on to 5th Avenue which bans bicycles.  Some didn't know what to do and didn't ride that part.  The rest of us did as we figured we were big enough that it would be hard to enforce.  Besides, we didn't spend too much time on it anyways.  The other group that took a slightly different route met up with us down the road.

It was nice to see the sun out as it's been quite wet and rainy here lately.  Luck seems to have been on our side!  I know that there will be less and less of that as we get into the end of October.  The cooler weather and shorter days is making me more lazy.  I had to push myself to get out of the house!  But I am so glad that I did.

After riding, many of us met at Nancy O's for a drink or two.  I had to ride home to bring a lock or two and then I met the gang there.  I had one drink and chatted for a bit. It turns out, that one girl on the ride, I used to babysit!  Wow, do I ever feel old now.

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