Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The day has arrived....

Bike all geared up for Winter riding
After waiting several days in great anticipation of picking up the new 'used' bike, the day finally arrived where I would be doing just that!  It's been a hard few days, when I bought the Rocky Mountain, I bought and took it home right away.  I was just as excited to get this bike as I was when I got the RM.  I walked to work today so I could it home. ( Just a friendly reminder that I'm still looking for cute name suggestions until this weekend)

As excited as when I picked up the Rocky Mountain

I ran to the shop just up the road from where I work.  As they pulled out the bike for me, it looked much nicer then I remembered.  Well, it was nice when I saw it, but somehow it seemed 'newer' to me.  They had polished it!  The bike is a beauty.  It's meant for Winter riding, but somehow it seems much to nice to do that to it.  Hardly a scratch, it really looks like new.  And all for a steal of a deal!  They found a nice rack for me and put on some teflon cables so I can test them out.  All at no extra charge.  Wow!  Wow!

The shop owners had to do stuff, so I didn't hang around for as long as I have been lately.  I rushed home on the bike, stopping at work to show my fellow workers it.  I rode home with the 2 tires that originally were on it, I will put them on the Pink beater bike.  Maybe I'll end up using the Pink one still as it's going to be hard to use the blue bike all the time.

I love the rack
I really love the bike!
When I arrived home, I moved the front lights, and the back lights from my RM on to this bike.  I put the wire basket that I've used in the past on the Rocky Mountain onto the Blue Norco.  I put a piece of wood under the wire basket to protect the nice rack.  I also moved the Mirror over.  I may have to buy a new one as after being swivelled lots, it's not tightening up as well as it should.  I love that it swivels, but that's also a flaw for it.
I really like these MEC lights that I can put on the forks
I got the bike just in time for Winter as it tried to snow again!  I am glad I mentioned about needing a Winter bike as I got a great bike for a great price.  I just can't believe it.  Despite it being a miserable day, I really enjoyed riding it home and I will enjoy taking it to a meeting tonight.  It runs very smoothly.  Here's to a few good Winters (at least) with it!  Now I have three bikes...hmmmmm.  I'm a diehard, correct?  ;)

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