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Tour De Jasper 2011 - Part III

Squirt really enjoyed Tour De Jasper 2011
I woke up to the last day of riding the Tour De Jasper.  Even though this was only the beginning of my adventures, I felt sadness to the end of this great segment.  I met some wonderful people who enjoy the same passion.

Matt looks for a place to dry his tent
After getting out of bed for some much needed coffee, I packed my stuff away and dismantled the tent.  I airdried it on a post so that it wouldn't be so damp when I pack it up for the day.  I then enjoyed the last breakfast that Nicole and her cooking team were to create for this year's tour.

Like the other tour days, I didn't have to rush to leave.  Once again, Deanna offered to ride with me.  Thanks Deanna!  You are the best!  I hope that we get to ride together again sometime.  It was still a cool morning, but there was no rain.

Morry gets ready to leave Tete Jaune campsite
Not that far to go, really!
I climbed up the hills with ease knowing that after this, riding up them would be that much harder with a loaded down bicycle.  As we approached Mt. Robson, we stopped to look at it even though it was partially obscured by the clouds.  It definitely wasn't as stunning a view as it was the last time I bicycled through.  But I still took a photograph of Deanna with Mt. Robson in the distance.  We had just reached the top from the first climb of the day.
Mt. Robson is in the clouds ahead

Mt. Robson- no view of the top on this trip
We stopped quickly at the Mt. Robson tourist centre for a break.  I stocked up on more water.  I didn't have an ice cream this year as it was too cold for that!  Nicole suddenly road in on a fancy road bike.  She rode with us for a bit, but as she was a speed demon, she quickly disappeared into the distance up a big hill that we were climbing.  Amazing!

Nicole rode with us for a bit

After climbing for what seemed awhile we made it to the Yellowhead Pass. We soon passed into Alberta.
Entering Alberta
Now we were on the homestretch!  Jasper can't be that far away.  Well, I knew that it was still at least 20 kms away.  I was getting tired as this was my third 100+ km day in a row.  Even though there were more downhills then up, I was dragging my butt.  We didn't have time to stop in Jasper as it was getting late, but I didn't feel up to it anyways.
Heading towards Jasper
I was so happy when I arrived at the Whistler's campground!  My tent was already set up so I didn't have to do much when I arrived.  I was so exhausted that I ran over to the campfire to relax. One of the bicyclists offered me a bit of Fireball Whisky and I drank it.  A little more and I was so buzzed!  It probably affected me more as I was most like a bit dehydrated and also exhausted of  course.  But I was so laid back, that it was hard to get motivated to have a much needed shower.  I slept good this night, better then at the same campsite on the tour last year.
Tour De Jasper after the ride and a big breakfast
Next morning I rode with Jim with our packed bikes out to the Sawridge hotel in Jasper for a brunch.  We used this opportunity for free food to our advantage, eating quite a bit so it would keep us going on the road down to Lake Louise.

I really enjoyed being part of  Tour De Jasper this year.  I shall savour the memories of yet another successful year.  I was so happy to meet more fellow bicyclists, I hope that perhaps I can ride with some you again one day.   I really enjoyed everyone's company.  I was named Squirrel as I scurry around chatting with everyone.  I wear that name proudly and have renamed my Twitter, geocaching, and Postcrossing call handles to feature that name.  And a friend is going to make a Squirrel on a bike logo for Xmas.

As for mementos of the trip, I received a half/half pedals as a thank you gift and a nice card which is displayed on my computer table.  I also kept the sign that my bike wore and as suggested by Jim, I got many of the participants and crew of Tour De Jasper to sign it.  That makes it so very special that it's hanging on my walls at home to remember the good times that we had.  Thanks to all those who signed it.
Autographed sign is hanging in spare room
Here's to Tour De Jasper 2012!

After reading my posts about Tour De Jasper, are you inspired in joining the tour next year?  If so, you really should visit the Tour De Jasper website at   It's a great way to to get introduced to bicycle touring.  And you can't beat the food too!  So tasty...yum!

You should also read my posts about Tour De Jasper in 2010.  You can start by clicking here to see the first post that I made - 
You can view the video that Scott # 2 made when he first did Tour De Jasper in 2009 by clicking this link -

I'm considering doing a slideshow presentation for the Ramblers about my 2011 Bike Journey this year.  I'm not the best in front of crowds when it comes to that.  I've been doing yearly slideshows with music for the Annual Rambler's AGM which everyone loves!  When I mentioned about doing this possibly, they all seemed very interested and said that I should do it.  Jim said he would help out too..  Hmmmm....

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