Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ancient Forest- Universal Boardwalk

Nowell pounds down dirt

On October 2nd, I volunteered to help out at the Ancient Forest to work on the Universal Boardwalk. I last had helped out with the boardwalk back in Spring, but I've not had a chance to go out until now.  Nowell, who has been in charge of this, has been out there 41 times this year.  He's one dedicated person!

There's been lots of volunteers this Summer including some firemen who helped get rid of a snag high up between some trees that was blocking use of part of the trail.

The morning that we arrived it was cold and foggy which kind of gave the forest a mystical ambience to it.  Before I rushed off into the forest to take some photos, I chatted with some cyclists who had stayed here for the night.  I remember them from the same time last year!  This is a year bike camping tradition for them.

After chatting with them for a bit, I rushed off into the forest.  One person that I came with today thought that the better photo opportunity would come when the fog wore off, but I took my chances.  I thought it made the forest that much more special!  I could be wrong, but oh well.

The snag above these trees was taken down so now you can use this walkway again

After indulging my photography urges, I rushed back to the work group.  I helped move lumber back and forth.  Some of the lumber was for posts that the volunteers were nailing in that will support a railing.  I was surprised of the amount of work done on the boardwalk this year.  It was amazing!  They were also prepping for a bridge that will be built next year.  I helped put more dirt in the support area.

Stack of lumber carried in the weekend before
Its' amazing what they've accomplished this year.  There was more work as they had to build supports for the boardwalk so it didn't didn't go as far as expected for this year.  Katimavik has been helping out too, which has been help things to speed along faster.

Items for building a bridge

Insert a bridge here

Nowell is one dedicated person!

Sweeping off tree debris

Work on the Boardwalk will keep on going until it snow so there still is a few more weekends of work left, at the very least.  Keep up the awesome work Nowell. 

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