Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tour De Jasper 2011 - Part II

When we woke up in the morning at La Salle Lake, there was no rain!  We packed up our gear, had a good hearty breakfast, and was all set to go.  I took my sweet time again as I was in no rush.  I loved this, I didn't have to rush out of bed.

Beverly is all set to go

We left our gear overnight in the drying tent.  My shoes and stuff were mostly dry, they got pretty pretty soaked the day before.  And sure enough, my mp3 player worked again, so I had music to ride to!

After all the riders left, I finally did too.  I rode with Deanna as Scott left a bit earlier.  Deanna offered to ride with me as she went up the hills at the same speed that I did and didn't want me to ride alone.  That was so nice of her! :)  Thanks Deanna, I really enjoyed riding with you.  It's like hiking when you find similarly paced hikers.

Scott #2 (he's beside the drying tent)

Laura and her Dutch bike
It was pretty uneventful this day.  Well, mostly.  We didn't see any animals until we arrived in McBride, then we saw a bear.  (The only one I saw for the whole entire time of biking to Vancouver)  It was a bit of an overcast day, but at least it wasn't raining.

Just outside Mcbride, Deanna noticed this sign.  I didn't think anything of it at first, that is until I looked closer at it.  Oh, yeh!  A Newfie (Newfoundland) joke.  They apparently have a lot of moose in Newfoundland.
There's something funny about this road sign
Ah, that's it.  Newfie Speed Bump.  Hope they keep it on the sign.
Soon after, we stopped behind some tall grass just off the highway on a dirt road to have a pee break.  As we were heading out afterwards, a motorbike on a road across the other side of the highway was pulling out and honked at us.  Apparently we were both stopped for the same reason and we didn't see each other until we were pulling out!   Too funny!

Nicole and Jim prepping food
As was riding towards Tete Jaune I missed seeing the riders from Texas 4000 as this trip's dates didn't match with theirs.  I imagine that they passed through this area around the 16th of July and we were going through on the 22nd. Like in the previous year's ride, the tailwinds were in our favour.  I  swear that the same bridge that was under construction last year, near Valemount, was the same one that was still being worked on this year!  The flaggers let us ride through without any vehicles.

Soon, after a nice ride down a big hill, we made it to Tete Jaune campsite.  My tent was laying near the river...apparently they couldn't find the poles again!  Silly me!  I set up and secured the tent well so it wouldn't blow into the river.

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