Sunday, October 16, 2011

October bike shop notes

When I took the bike to Koops Bike shop on Saturday, to get the back brake cable replaced and the back cassette tuned so the gears worked properly again, I was told that the Drive Train will be needed to be replaced next Spring.  When I had the bike tuned up at Ruckus before the bike tour this Summer, they had mentioned that it was showing wear, but that it was still good for the trip.  That was 2000 kms ago!

As I am over 9000 kms on the bike, this was expected and it will be replaced next year.  The derailleur must have got damaged in the box when it was shipped up by Greyhound after my bike trip as bike shop noticed that it was slightly bent.  That was part of the reason some of the gears weren't working properly.

I was reminded once again that I need a new kickstand too, as my bike toppled (again), this time at the bike shop.   Luckily the helmet was not on the bike so I didn't break it again. Although, I had the bicycle leaning against the wall when it fell down in the hallway and broke the helmet, so it wasn't the fault of the bent bike stand in that case.

They have extra kickstands there and I found out that they are only $13 so it will be cheap to replace.  Maybe I'll buy another kickstand next week although I won't need it when I put the bike on to the trainer for the Winter.   I will also get the $35 fold up bike stand from the person who makes them out of Seattle, that one is specifically made for touring as it can hold the weight of a fully loaded bike.  So I'll have two stands. 

Even though I have a beater bike right now,  I mentioned to Koops about having them search for another one.   They mentioned there was someone who will be there Tuesday who might have one I could use.  I suppose that don't need one at this point, but the current beater bike is a bit short and I had asked the bike shop to look for one.. I should honour the deal..and see what the person has to offer.  When I bought the current one last Christmas, I only expected to get 2 years out of it anyways.   Oh well, I ask and look what I get myself into!  One cannot have too many bikes, right?

I also mentioned about still wanting a fold up as I am frustrated with the lack of storage room for my bike at work.  It's always in the way!  Well, maybe I can find a good used one with any luck.  Although MEC sells a Dahon for $800 which is nice.   It would just be a while before I can save up for that as there are other things that I am currently saving up for also.

Koops had told me they are not perfect, but I still feel that it would come in handy.

One last note, while at the bike shop someone commented that I had a very nice touring bike.  :)

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