Sunday, October 30, 2011

Menagerie at Two Rivers Art Gallery

Loved this costume by an Art Gallery employee
Last night I went to the Menagerie, a Fundraiser for the local Art Gallery.  I had earned a free ticket to it by volunteering to stumble as a Zombie at the local Farmer's Market on the October 3rd weekend to advertise the event. I actually had 2 Halloween Tickets for that night.  I started the night at the Halloween Party at the Cariboo Restaurant and got my money's worth of dinner. Then as a friend wasn't coming for a while still, I moved on to the Art Gallery fundraiser event fully intending to return to the event at the Cariboo.

I got to try out some Absinthe again.
But the costumes at Menagerie just blew me away! So I just stayed around there as a few of my friends were there also.  I got to enjoy some more food later too which was nice.  I splurged and bought a 'bag' of frights.  I wasted a bit of them on an Absinthe drink, which was totally worth it!  I hadn't had an Absinthe since I was in Berlin.

Lots going on

I biked to the event using my Pink Beater bike which turned out to be a good idea as it got soaked in the rain all night. Sadly, I didn't take a photo of it as I just rushed into the parties.

There was lots to do.  You could try some games of chance (like the Rubberband one that I mention below), bid on items in a Silent Auction, have a drink at the Mad Scientist's bar, try out some Absinthe in the Absinthe lounge, and have your fortune read by one of 3 fortune tellers.

One of 3 fortune tellers

My favourite costume of the night was the Predator one.  Apparently, he has been working on it since LAST August! He didn't win the top pic, but I thought that he should have.  The winner of the night got to go home with an Ipad.
My favourite costume of the night

Here's a little video of the party:

Have a sudden craving for a coffee

She's priceless
It is amazing how creative people are....
Creative way to reuse your wedding dress

I was getting a little hungry

Frights was the currency of the night

I quickly spent my bag of frights.....I spent 3 just on learning how to shoot a rubberband.  I was supposed to hit some cans, but that didn't work out!  I can shoot a rubberband again though, I can't believe that I forgot how to do that.

As I was leaving to bicycle home, some people at the door asked if I was heading in their direction.  I told them that there was no room on my bike!  But if I had a car, I would have gladly driven them home.  Oh well.  It was a rather wet ride home, but quick as I live near the gallery.  This was the first time in years that I went out for Halloween, and I am glad that I did, as I had such a fun time!  All in all, the best night in a long time!

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