Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Farmer's Market of October/11

I love surprises!  Just going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings brings me them.  Take the one on October 1st as an example.

Despite having a late start to the day due to the cold Autumn morning laziness, I still managed to be surprised at Farmer's Market when I arrived at around 11am. It was gloomy, cold, and brisk outside, just above 0 Celcius, but there were a crowd of people around.  I noticed that there was a firetruck with flashing lights in the distance as I was biking towards the market.  I thought that maybe someone got hurt.  Then as I got closer I noticed the rope in front which I at first had mistaken for a fire hose.

Firemen having a good time
It turns out that it was a fundraiser for the United Way and there were several teams taking part.  They were pulling the Fire truck and whoever pulled it the quickest, won.  As I wasn't fully paying attention all the time, I didn't quite catch who won!  I'm sure that it will turn up in the news.
The winners are given medals

 I hanged around for a bit chatting with a friend who has a stand at the market.  It was cold enough that I wished I had worn my down jacket.  I also chatted with a fellow hiker, Debbie, who is also know as the Caledonia Ramblers's kite flyer as she is the one who flys the kites on recent hikes.  She had just bought a bike from Ruckus, it was a lovely green Da Vinci.  You have a very nice bike Debbie!  We got to ride together sometime.

Change of seasons at the PG Farmer's Market

I spot the Peugot that I saw this Spring at the bike swap
 While at the market, I discovered that my lovely blue Giro bike helmet had cracked!  My bike fell down in the hallway last night and that's probably when it broke.  It's been dropped, banged, and bumped many times, so I suppose that it's demise was coming up anyways as I don't know how compromised that it  would have been from all those drops, etc.  But this sealed it's fate!  It was useless now.
cracked and piece broken off on right side
My new helmet matches black on my bike
On the positive side, now is a good time to buy bicycle items as they are discounted for end of the season to make way for Winter stuff.  I bought the helmet at  It is said that you can get about 5 yrs of use with a helmet, I seem to be lucky if I make 3 years use out of one!  But at the same time, I feel better with one and when it's colder, it keeps my head warm.  The Lazer helmet is similar to my Giro one in that it is for smaller heads.  The one I got is sized extra small to medium too, like the Giro was.  Maybe smaller sized helmets are hard to sell, because that's all that Ruckus had left, which worked out well for me.   I miss the blue Giro as it matched one of my biking jackets, but this one sort of matches my bike.

I went to the one on October 8th, and had missed anything that was going on as I didn't leave the house until noon..  That one was the last outdoor one until Spring.  Even though it's getting chilly outside, I'll still miss it for the Winter. There is still the indoor part of it, but it's not the same.


  1. It does look cold there! I too have to force myself to get outside when its cold. Inside is always so nice and toasty, but I try to remember that it will still toasty when I return.

  2. It's that time of year I guess. I've become so much lazier now! But you are right, my place will still be nice and toasty warm when I get back. That's a good incentive and it's nice to get some fresh air.

    I will definitely be snowshoeing this Winter again. I am glad that the Caledonia Ramblers will have an 'easy' snowshoe schedule again.



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