Sunday, October 16, 2011

In search of a SARAT

Squirt likes Autumn too
 In honour of Rantwick's SARAT contest, I've made this post.  What is a SARAT exactly?  According to Rantwick at - The Second Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown, North America's premier fall-foliage-posted-on-an-obscure-website competition, RULES! That is all.

I went on a quest yesteday to find a SARAT, but luck didn't seem to be on my side today.  I'm sorry Rantwick, maybe I'll try today again as the sun is once again out.   But I had fun with my camera and had an rather enjoyable ride.

The day didn't start out by searching for these.  I had done my grocery shopping, paid some money that I owe for a used stationary bike device that I'm getting from a hiking friend, and then I made a trip to the bike shop for some small repairs.
Cameron St. Bridge replica

As I was riding home I thought that it's too nice a day to stay inside. So I continued on to see if I could find  a SARAT.  I had remembered Rantwick mentioning about that on his blog.  I ended up on the Heritage Trail.  I biked to the Cameron Street Bridge replica.  I had originally planned on turning around at this point, but I had biked past a photography session just before the bridge, and I didn't feel like biking back through it out of respect.  So I continued on, along the riverbank up to Carney Street.

As I was biking along the river, I saw some people climbing up the Cutbanks.  They must be training.  I could do that!  :)  That's the kind of climbing that I often do when I'm hiking in the Mountains.

While riding along, I followed 2 cyclists.  I decided as I reached Carney Street to visit my geocaching friends Geocognita.  It turns out that's the same direction that these 2 cyclists were going!  They must have thought that I was stalking them.   They lived on the same street as my friends, how weird is that!!

I wasn't planning on doing anything after the ride, but I ended up going out for dinner with Geocognita at the BX Pub.  The cheap side of me wanted to stay home for dinner, but a heck, I haven't gone out for dinner since my big bike trip.

What an awesome day for a ride, I love Autumn.  The days may be crisp outside, but it was still nice to ride around a bike and enjoy the colours.


  1. Holy cats Carolyn! You have at least three potential contenders in that post! Believe me, the tree needn't be perfect to win... if you don't find one you like better, please be sure to enter on of those. Thanks for the contest shoutout!

  2. Oh man! Now I must hop outside again Only problem is that it's not such a nice day out there after the weather that we had on the weekend.



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