Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Bike Tour- the last day

Squirt enjoys the beaches of Cultus Lake
Squirrel and Bunny (Squirt too) just want to have fun!

Bridal Falls to Cultus Lake, Chilliwack, BC.

We had rather a short ride to Cultus Lake, about 30 kms.  It was another challenging day on the freeway as far as Chilliwack.  One thing that I noticed while riding in that area that I never noticed before was the sound of the cannons going off in the Blueberry fields to scare off the animals that would like to eat them.  This is one of the great things about bicycling around, you hear and see things that you don't when riding in a vehicle.

We were going to be staying at Jim's Sister's place at the local campsite by the lake.  She's been camping at the same spot for 40 years!  Despite Jim not having been at the campsite for at least 6 years, he had no trouble finding his Sister's trailer.

We just pitched by the trailer.

We had a few rest days at the lake.  We debated about riding into Vancouver but there seemed to be no direct route in.  So we decided Chilliwack was close enough! We could have ridden to Surrey or where ever the Skytrain starts, I can't remember if it's in Surrey or Abbotsford.  I was happy to have a rest day, and after just one day off from riding, I could have ridden more!  The weather was great while we were at Cultus Lake, sunny and warm!  It was the perfect weather to hang around the beaches.

I enjoyed myself to some ice cream and wondered around the local Farmer's Market on Saturday.  

Awesome Salmon Fish n' Chips
The local bottomless '7eleven' Bellini Machine

I also joined in a 'community' potluck for neighbours on the same street.  One family made awesome homemade salmon and chips.  Yummy!

It was some pretty good rest days.  Jim's daughter then picked us up after a few nights stay at the campsite.  She and her husband drove us into their home in Vancouver.  We managed to get my bicycle stuffed into the back of their Jeep!

I can't believe that the big bicycle trip is over!  It took me a week or two to 'recover'.  But wait, there still is adventure in Vancouver, Squirt style!  I didn't recover while in Vancouver, that's for sure, as I did lots of cycling there, at least 100 kms worth.  More to come...

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