Sunday, September 11, 2011

Squirt tours Vancouver

English Bay Inukshuck
After the bicycling from Prince George to Vancouver via the Icefields this Summer, I ended up with some time to bicycle around Vancouver. It felt great to ride around with my own bicycle!

I took the opportunity to show Squirt some of the sights of Vancouver.  Even though he is from there, he was never given the chance to look around.   He got to ride over 100 kms with me that week!

We rode many times on the Seawall, and viewed the Inukshuk at English Bay

English Bay Beach
He got to hang around the English Bay beach.  It was rather enjoyable hanging around there as the weather was nice and warm!

He visited Chinatown, and the Public Library.  I love the library, it looks like a Roman Colosseum.   Many tv shows have been filmed there including Battlestar Galactica and more recently, V.

Public Library
He got to listen to some country music at the afternoon Musical Nooners at CBC Radio. We both REALLY love CBC Radio, especially Radio 2 and 3.  They play awesome music and we both love to listen to it a lot when we are hanging around home.  You too, can listen to the channels live by clicking here.

He also got to meet other crazy bike bells, including this Turtle at Granville Island.  I wonder if this Turtle is related to Pedal Talk's Hamish?

I am sure that this isn't the last time that Squirt visits Vancouver and rides around there.  He really enjoyed his time and he was very happy to meet the lady from Pedal Talk!

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  1. Hope to see you and Squirt - and your bike!, sometime soon!



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