Sunday, September 25, 2011

River's Day 2011

I was thinking of helping out at the Ancient Forest, but I really wanted to sleep in this weekend.  I might help out next week.  I hanged around home for a while, then I decided to take some fall foliage photos at Fort George Park. I forgot that there was the River's Day Festival going on.  I promised the birds that I'd be gone for a short time, but I instead spent the afternoon at the park.

Lots of good music in the Bandshell
 I bumped in a friend who has a similar bike to mine.  I know him from the Critical Mass rides.  I chatted with him for a long time.  He bought me an ice cream, which was so nice.  After having many wet rainy days here, it was nice to enjoy some ice cream in the nice warm sun.
Ice cream time with bike friend
The turnout wasn't too bad and the weather turned out to be better then forecasted.  Maybe it wasn't such a bad day to have volunteered at the Ancient Forest.  Oh well!  It was also a good day to hang out in the park.  And there was good music to dance to.
Girls on left are dancing

 As it was hard to find a place to lock bike up, I just walked and biked mine around.  I took a nice ride by the river also.  I was hoping for more colourful foliage, but it wasn't as nice yet.  The Aspen trees in the country are the best for colour around here, with their bright red leaves.  Still, you can tell that Autumn has arrived.
The lightposts were full of bikes locked up
  I think I'm ready for another work week.  I'm glad I bumped into the festival, I do love surprises!  It was nice to meet up with some of my followers of my blog.  You know who you are! :)

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