Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ozalenka Adventures- Part I

Vivien L. has to move the poles to fit 2 more vehicles in
Ozalenka- September 3-5, 2011 

Guest Post by:  Vivien Lougheed

The following is a guest post by Vivien Lougheed.  It's reposted with permission from the Caledonia Ramblers Website. Some of the photos are taken by me and some were taken by Debbie Hazel with permission also.  As there are so many good photos, I'll publish more in a second post.

Carolyn and I have become a habit every Labor Day Weekend and this year was no different except we didn't have snow like we did on Red Mountain out of Penny and we didn't have rain like we did at Eagle Creek three years ago. This year cemented our habit and this is why.

The weatherman met the old gal (Viv) and together they ordered a sunny weekend. They were successful. There was sun, bright stars at night and no rain until the vehicles hit Queensway Street late Monday afternoon. According to Carolyn, who is an old hat at hiking on the September long weekend, it was the best yet.

Chicken wire is to keep the porcupines out

Ozalenka is located near Mcbride in the West Twin Provincial Park

Oldest hiker on the trip was 77!
Nice day to hike in

We met the work crew who had installed three new bridges and cut a new trail between two of them. The entire group stood on the bridges and there wasn’t a shake or rattle. Good work Parks and those in the Robson Valley who did the installations. We promised the workers a tiny shot of wine on our way out but our promises were not kept.

Workers are building 6 new bridges on the trail
Old unsafe bridge
Arriving at the Ozalenka Cabin

The hills across from the cabin beckoned the hikers to mountain worship early Sunday morning and a few of them went all the way to the top of the highest peak where they could see Mount Sir Alexander appearing almost close enough to touch. The Kite Flier was again present on this hike and she caught the wind with two of her colorful kites.

If anyone is interested, please follow the link to the Google map showing exactly where we were! http://fms.ws/5thtN/53.28352N/120.47598W

It was such an easy-going, pleasant weekend that I have nothing much to write. That doesn’t sound exaggerated or syrupy. We played, we sunned, we ate, we slept and we returned happy. It couldn’t have been better.

Vivien L.  (Trip Leader)

More photos to be posted.

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