Thursday, September 22, 2011

Odometer issues

My odometer has been wonky for the last bit with the speed bouncing all over the place!   I cleaned the sensor by the wheel and the magnet, and so far it seems to be working ok.  But today, I noticed that the wire is worn in parts and wire is exposed.  I wonder if this is what is causing problems with it?  I might get another odometer and use the base/wires for that one and the old odometer.

Anyone else have the problem of worn odometer wires?  Any solutions?  I am thinking perhaps covering the wire in electrical tape might help...hmmm.  I don't want to wreck the wire fiddling with it to get electrical tape on it..  I am almost thinking of getting the base and wire new for the Winter.  And get the bike shop to wrap the new wire in the electrical tape for me to give the wires more protection from rubbing.  This is a bit annoying!

Speaking of bike shops, I've been to Koops a lot lately.  After test riding the B-67s, I returned on Tuesday and decided to get the seat since it is so comfortable on my bum (no sore bum after Sunday's long ride).  He gave it to me for a good deal, not the price on the tag!  That is so cool.  But it gets better.

I returned again on Wednesday to pick up some Proofide Saddle treatment by Brooks, and the bike shop just gave it to me!  Wow!  I love deals like that.  While I was there on Tuesday/Wed, I did have the odometer looked at but couldn't seem to fix the problem.

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