Sunday, September 18, 2011

A ride into the country

Today I rode out past the Airport for 17.9 km ride one way to a friend's place for a potluck.  This morning as I woke up I thought I was nuts as it was very windy outside.  But I had told my friend that I was riding to her place so there was no backing out from it!  Besides, it was the PERFECT test ride for the Brooks B-67S saddle on my bike.

 As I was worried about getting the seat wet with a day's forecast of some rain, I put on the Red Basil Twig seat cover that my Sister-in-law gave me for my birthday this year.  It matches my Red Basil Twig grocery panniers that I haven't used this year.  The seat cover is made for a seat like mine, to protect the leather from the rain.

Brooks saddle with Basil Seat cover
I decided to go to my Summer riding buddy, Jim (Bunny) to show him the Brooks saddle that I was testing out.  He liked it and it really wasn't much different from his B-17.  I told him that I will be getting a stationary device for my Rocky Mountain so I can break in the Brooks Saddle this Winter.   I am getting a good deal on a used one from a fellow hiking friend.  Luck seems to always follow me.

I only could visit with him quickly as I was worried how long that it would take me to ride out to my friend's place because of the strong headwinds.  Once I got going, it really wasn't as bad as I thought that it would be.  I am glad that I decided to bike out as I am not ready for Winter yet.  I wanted to enjoy another good ride.

Watch out for strong headwinds down this road

Arrived at friend's place for a Potluck

I did encounter some strong headwinds that slowed me down, but I managed.  My odometer has gone wonky with mileage speeds, bouncing all over the place!   I think that the battery needs replacing as I've had the odometer since I got the bike and I haven't changed the battery yet.  I will get one when I return the seat to the bike shop on Tuesday.  I hope that it's the battery anyways

I had a good afternoon in the country and was being my usual inner Squirrel, chatting away!  Darn! Some thunderstorms went through which made me worried as it's not safe biking through those.  But as I was ready to leave, the weather was much better!  I took a different route home which was more direct and I made it home in 1/2 hr or so, just missing one storm.

This horse just loves children

I'm tired now, but I know that I'll sleep good and will be ready for another work week.  I am SOLD on the saddle, it feels right.  Sure, it's not broken in, but I really didn't feel uncomfortable on it while riding, so I believe that's a good sign!  Even though I've been saving money like crazy,  I'm not ready to plunk down money at this time to get seat.  Although, now's the time to start breaking it in.  I'll wait to closer to Christmas, it'll be my present to myself.  I'll see if I can put a deposit on the seat that I've been using, so that's the seat I'll get since I've already started breaking it in.  I sure hope that I'm right about it...

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