Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today was the Annual geocaching event in Prince George called PGCAR2011.  Short for Prince George Cache and Release day.  As the caches are spread all around town, today's caching would have to be done by vehicle.  We all met at the geocaching member Plumbacres to get the necessary info and passport.
It was a cold morning and I had wished that I had worn gloves.  But once we started caching, I soon forgot about that.
After registering and getting the info, we waited until the official departure time.  Then, off we went, geocaching!  Everyone headed to different caches.  Some went and started from the other end of town, and some, like me and Geocognita, drove to the closest from the meeting point first.  We weren't the only ones.  For the first little while, we followed others.
And the race is on!
Soon we were on our own, choosing which caches to look for.  But inevitably we bumped into other geocachers throughout the day.
Me? Competitive?  Not a chance!  (while running into the bush)
I spent a good part of the day geocaching with Geocognita, but I had to stop at 3 pm as I had another function to go to.  We found about 16 caches and did a fair amount of walking, so I was already tired anyways.  The event goes on tomorrow, but I am unable to finish looking for the rest of the event caches as I have another function to go to.   But it was a good day and it was neat to meet many other local geocachers. 

Oh, I found my first 'First to Find' cache, meaning I was the first person to find it.  :) That meant a lot to me!  Oh, and there were times today when we were searching for caches and we wish we had bikes.  Oh well, there's more bike caching for me in the future.

I left a Billion dollars in one cache in case someone needs 'spare' change
I want to get a travel bug sticker for my bicycle. Many of the geocachers had ones on their cars, so why not on on a bike?  You record the number online.  I found some while at work and my co-workers were wondering why I was recording numbers off of cars.  LOL!!  That's why!

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