Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tour De Jasper 2011 photo preview

I apologize for not posting about Tour De Jasper 2011 yet.  I've been waiting to receive photos that I've purchased from the tour as I really want to share them with my blog followers along with a few stories about the trip.  I hope you don't mind waiting.  I also hope you don't mind that I'm posting so late after the event.  Like on the 2010 tour, the photographer on the trip took some great photos!  And I had such a great time that there are good stories to be told.

Wil and Laura's Dutch bikes return for 2011
Here's some of the awesome photos taken by the tour photographer on Tour De Jasper 2010. Some are my photos as well. Please note that there are other photos in the book as well from my Summer 2010 travels. 


  1. Carolyn - I can't see the photos on your "shutterfly" so I will wait for the real thing. ciao

  2. It's hard waiting for them! I suppose that the photographer has been busy and has also a lot of photo/photo book orders from the riders all at the same time. Oh well, I will get them eventually!

    Of course, Shutterfly has just offered me another free Photobook and it would have been nice to put those ones in it. Go figure!



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