Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bicycle trailers survey/Farmer's Market

I just returned from this Saturday's Farmer's Market.  It is much nicer then the last time I was there.  The first thing I did as I get there is do a Bike Trailer survey.  A guy is planning on making bike trailers locally; sign me up!  Actually, I might be lucky enough to get to try one out sometime.  I'd be able to borrow one for Tour De Jasper, but I don't need to carry much.  But we will see if I can get him to let me borrow one for an overnighter, that would be awesome...:)   I said I could review it on my blog as I read a lot of other bike blogs and it would give his company much needed publicity.   The trailer he had there looked pretty sturdy.  Reminds me of a Wike Trailer.  (actually it has Wike wheels)  Oh, he just LOVED my bags!  ;)  I'm sure people remember them when they see me biking around...I'm the ONLY one with them around. 

Cool things happen at Farmer's Market!  I also might have a sponsor for the Ancient Forest.  The cafe I visited last time and this time, is interested in donatining for a 'section' of the Universal Boardwalk.  :)  I saw some neat bikes today..including one with a chainguard.  This isn't the one with Chainguard, but I liked it nevertheless.

I parked my bike for a while and the LGRB sign got the spotlight!

I had time to enjoy a coffee outside in the sun at my fav Saturday morning cafe...

I picked up more Fiddleheads (frozen) and some tasty German buns from local bakery.  Yum!  The buns are great for sandwiches.  I will use them on the Mt. Magnus hike tommorrow.

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