Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Donating blood has it's bike challenges

Today, I donated blood again.  I do that every 2 months.

I have always biked to donate blood so that I can return home quickly afterwards, in case I am tired.  They used to have a bike rack on one side of the building where I could lock my bike, but I returned there this Spring to find none at all!

There doesn't seem to be any good place to bike, like a street light, etc.  I ended up having to bike the bike a building over at Arby's, and I took the seat off since I couldn't watch it and as I would be gone for over an hour.  I used the fence out front to lock it.  I mentioned last time about where the rack went, but I didn't ask about it this time.   I figure though, if we are helping others donating blood, why not help ourselves healthwise, by bicycling to donate blood?  I should go back and inquire about if they are getting a rack and why they should.  When I asked last time, they said some people bring the bike to the inside of the entrance, but that doesn't seem too secure, and I can't watch it all the time while I'm in the process of donating.

Getting here was no problem though, even without bike lanes.  Bike lanes aren't that great I think, as cars are parked in them a lot and in PG, sometimes they just 'end'  where they shouldn't.  Also, if you are at a stoplight you need to get out of bike lane and take a lane, otherwise you will be cut off and in danger by those who are turning right.  We were given pamphlets to put on cars parked in bike lanes, but I see no point to the bike lanes.  I do like bike paths though and I am lucky to live near some that I can use daily.

I will post here places that have a lack of bike racks and which really need more!   If they want people to bike around doing errands or go to work, they really need more bike infrastructure and for the amount of cyclists out here in the City, what they do have is terrible..  I hope I am not too negative about this, as I do still enjoy bicycling around the city and generally I have no negative experiences with drivers very often.  I just wanted to point out the lack of infrastructure for bikes.

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