Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying out a new degreaser

For the last year since I've been riding my Rocky Mountain Bike, I've been using MEC bio-cycle, but since I can't order through the post and I'm almost out, I bought some orange citrus cleaner called Oranj Peelz, at my bike shop in town.

It's a bit more expensive then the Bio-cycle.  Almost double, I wonder how well it works?  We'll find out for sure, but it seems like a pretty strong cleaner.

I' ve been finishing my shopping for Tour De Jasper. I bought 3 pairs of biking socks today.  I figure since I use similar but thicker socks for hiking and they keep the blisters away, purchasing a few pairs of bike socks will also help my feet on a long ride.  It's hard to believe that Tour De Jasper starts in only 15 days from today!  Getting pumped.

I haven't been much on my bike during the last week as my Mother was visiting and she's not a bike rider.  It felt weird getting driven around in a car, I could almost feel a rash coming on!  LOL!!  No wait, I forgot that I carpool to my weekend hikes so I am not allergic to them. Missed my bike though, I swear the Farmer's Market was just made for bicycles you know.  ;)   Glad to be back on it!

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