Thursday, June 17, 2010

GPS for biking/geocaching

I splurged and got my gps yesterday.  I had so much fun geocaching by bike with my friend Melanie and Peter, that I had to get my own.  I think it will make travel also that much more fun!

I bought a Garmin Venture HC, which is cheap and basic, but it does the job.

I tried it out today finding a cache nearby. I had no probs finding the cache, but tried my best not to get people's attention.  I'm going to bike to a couple more locations today and see how I do.  It's easy to download geocache coordinates on to the gps and also easy to delete them once I found out how to do so.  I've only touched the tip of what I can do with my gps, and have some learning to do.  I suppose I could mark places that I've been with my bike or when hiking.

I traded a coin today for this from the first cache I found.  I will put it in another one that has a case in it.

Like I said in an earlier post, Geocaching and bicycles go together so well!  No worries about finding parking, you just bike up as near to geocache as you can.

Unfortunally, I don't think I'll have access to bike when I visit Regina this Summer.  I want to geocache and I wish I had access to a bike to do it.  I guess that there will be a lot of walking around.   My sister has one bike and I don't know of any bike rental places in Regina.  Anyone one know if there is a bike rental place in Regina?

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