Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How bike friendly is your city?

I am finding PG is not as bike friendly as it should be.  Even though there are lots of cyclists in town and growing, there seems to be a serious lack of bike friendly features like bike racks and bike paths.

I'm going to start rating how bike friendly certain areas that I frequent alot.  There are some places that I almost totally avoid/boycott because of not being bike friendly at all.  There's a certain mall in town I don't go to as they never replaced their bike racks when they recently renovated.  They claim 2 racks were stolen.  Who steals bike racks?  Why weren't they bolted down?

How bike friendly is your City?  And what can be done to make the places more bike friendly?  Will a letter to the mgt that owns these places help?  Or is it just a waste of paper?  How do you explain to a mgt company that owns a mall for instance, how important bike parking and bike friendly facilties are?  I think that they do not care about it and don't think they lose much business.  I got to wonder how many bicyclists avoid a place if there is no place to lock their bike.

I'm just getting frustrated with certain things, although the bike is the way I move around and there's no way I'd stop bicycling because of this! 



  1. Love your blog, Carolyn. Burbank, I've noticed, has become more bike-friendly. There are also more cyclists around here. Not sure if the one created the increase in the other, or if it's all down to the economy, but when they updated the outside area of our little mall here, all the shop-lined streets were spruced up, and that included bike racks at various points along the road. That was a few years ago. So now I think of it, maybe it being more bike accessible, plus the economy, brought more bikers in. :) ~ Jeni

  2. Cool, I look forward to hearing about the bike friendliness of different areas.

    Do you know of any shops in PG that rent bikes? I'm coming to PG and was hoping to ride around a bit!

    I'm in Vancouver... it's about as bike friendly as places get in Canada I think, although we have a long ways to go still to catch up with places in northern europe!

  3. There isn't a place to rent a bike unfortunately. Too bad as it's the best way to explore the City.

    A fold up bike would a good thing right now! You can take those everywhere, when I have some money one day, I'll get one for my travels. Too expensive for me right now.

  4. Cool thanks for the reply. I know plenty of people in PG, one of them will let me borrow theirs. I'm determined to go bike exploring no matter what!



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