Monday, June 14, 2010

A nice ride in the country- West Lake day trip

It was a nice day for a bike ride to West Lake.

We did have to climb up some hills to leave the bowls of the city.
Then, all of a sudden, we were out of the traffic, noise and general hustle of the city.  Instead of going along the highway all the way to the beginning of Blackwater Road, we turned off soon after climbing the hill busy with traffic, and took the scenic backroads until we ended up back on Blackwater Road.  My bike seemed to handle the gravel roads ok.

The only wildlife we saw was crows, ravens, and turkeys.  Well, not wild turkeys, none around here.  

Oh we did have to be careful at one farm when a Jack Russell decided to guard his place.  You have to be careful with dogs, I had a friend who had a dog charge him and ended up wrecking his back rim.  I am not sure if he fell because of the dog and wrecked the rim, or if the dog was strong enough to charge and wreck the back rim, but still.  I have heard that they can wreck a bike.  Well, maybe not a Jack Russell, but you never know!

Oh, we are almost there!

Arrival at West Lake Provincial Park and time for lunch.  I sure was hungry.

Above: There's me!

It sure is nice to have a park like this so close to home, and so easily accessible by bike.  There is the dangerous part when you have to bike up the hill on a busy highway, but that's only for a little bit, then you can turn off and bike safely on quiet country roads.  Prince George is a nice size city, in that the country really isn't that far away!

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