Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Hike: Pope Mtn.

This past weekend, I went hiking with the Ramblers at Pope Mtn, which is about 74 miles from where I live.  I and another Rambler, decided to camp the night before on a property by Stuart Lake, which is just below Pope Mtn. I was lucky enough to know a customer at work who offered to let us camp on his property alongside the lake, so we were lucky to have a free night without any other campers around.

Next morning, we got to sleep in which was nice.  All the other hikers had to leave PG at 7:30.  Another good reason to camp the night before!  The nice weather was the big reason, it was perfect for camping.

We met the others at the Pope Mtn. trailhead and hiked up through the heat.  It was a challenge that day as it was hotter then normal.  I went through 2 litres of water.  My Dromedary Bag was very helpful as it allowed me to sip water easily, no more fumbling for a bottle.  Just got to get the plastic taste away..I may try some oj in it or a bit of lemon.

Here's some pics of up top
 Some posing for a photo, I decided to take a photo of it also.
Below:  Group Shot
Got to keep cool!
Fire!  You can see it from Mt. Pope.  That stream of smoke is heading towards home.
Driving home, we get closer to it...
When the sun sets that evening, you can see the effects of the haze in my apartment

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