Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mirrycle is wonderful!

I bought a new Mirrycle yesterday. I had my other one for 15 yrs, but only started using it when I got my new bike a year and a half ago. Now I can't bike without one.  I am surprised that they still sell them after all these years, it's identical to the one I originally bought many moons ago.  They aren't too expensive, I got mine for  almost $20, although I've seen them for sale online for as little as $13 US.

One of the screws got stripped, the mirror loosens and you have to tighten it up once in a while, and eventually it tightens no more. :(  This is quite common, apparently.

So I bought another one as I like the the way it can be adjusted by the pivot points. I think one of the better bike mirrors around. No vibration!   How many out there use a mirror and can't live without it?  What is your favourite mirror?   Do you prefer ones that fit on helmet, or ones that go on bike?


  1. If you ever think there's something you can find, that "they" don't make any more, you should try online. I use pink Sennheiser earphones for my iPod, which Sennheiser made a few years ago as a breast cancer awareness thing, and my current pair seems to be getting Faulty. They no longer make 'em but Robin found replacements for me at a reasonable price from an Aussie place on eBay. Remarkable!

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