Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bike to Work Week Prince George

I've been participating in this year's Bike to Work Week.  This is the second year that it's happened in PG.  Due to funding shortages, the stations were only placed on Monday and Wednesday morning, both after I started my work shift.  They ended before I was off.  Kind of bummed about that, but nevertheless, I keep my chin up, bike to work, with last year's Bike to Work shirt that I got.

I've entered our work results so far at 

What I wish we had in PG was more group rides, once a month for Critical Mass seems a long time to wait.  It's so much fun riding in a group!  Jillian, the local Bike to Work Week organizer,   says I should join the cycling club..they have 'casual' rides on Thursdays.

Does your City have a Bike to Work Week?

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