Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Grocery Shopping

Today I went down to Farmer's Market to get some pastries and bread at the local Bakery.  It makes the best European style pastries in town,  partly due to authentic European ovens.  I also picked up a few Rubbermaid bins which I carried home.  I was going to ask someone to drive me to Walmart and pick a couple up, but I saw some similar priced at a nearby store.  I didn't bring my bungee cords along, so I instead carried them on top of the back bags/rack and walked home.  I could only do this as I live close to the store.  Otherwise I would have had to ask for a ride.

Below:  Grocery shopping day.

This is when a trailer could be handy.  Some bike trailers actually use Rubbermaid containers.  We need the containers for Tour de Jasper so we can keep our belongings together and because they will stack nicely in the trailer that will bring our supplies along.  And it's good that they are waterproof in the case they are outside the trailer in pouring rain, waiting to be loaded into the trailer.  

Tour de Jasper is a  luxury tour, so we don't have to carry much!  I could even bring a nicer mattress, but I only have my ultra light.  Of course, that's the only mattress that would fit into my one man tent anyways!  LOL!!

Anyways, after getting them, I dropped them off at home and continued my shopping spree.  I got 2 fully loaded bags of groceries.  I could have had a better deal on containers, as the store didn't charge ANY tax today, but how would have I gotten them home?  Darn!  Such is life.

Here's a pic of my fully loaded bike.  I need those bike stands which go on both sides from near the pedals as the current one can't handle the weight very well.  I will get a new stand next year. Just think how much money I save on gas shopping this way?  One week of gas would pay for a nice tire to put on the bike!  Or other nice stuff.

Below:  I can really load down my bike, it seems to handle the extra weight ok.

This is my latest entry for the LGRB Summer Games.

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